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Making it easy for collaborators to mint, showcase and monetize their work in their own space for now and for future.


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Project Description

  1. We are Artists, Collaborators, BUIDLers, Hackers. We like to work on things we love, things we like, with people we love and people we like and having fun together.
  2. While we have fun making art we want a sustainable way to continue this way of life.
  3. We want a platform to showcase our art in our own space, on our own terms and in our own way.
  4. NFTs is the vehicle we believe get us closer to our vision.
  5. OURZ is a platform that enables artists / collaborators to host and Mint their work.
  6. It enables sharing Royalties from sale or resale of NFTs with all the contributors, charities and seamlessly gets deposited in their ETH wallets ( or ENS identity).

How it's Made

We built this together using

IPFS/ NFT.Storage : For media hosting,

Smartcontract : to manage the NFT minting and payment and royalties splitting logic across all contributors.

OpenZeppelin: Openzeppelin standard contracts with PaymentSpliter capability

Zora : Zora protocol for Minting NFT and setting up the marketplace for Genesis Sale or Resale. : Helps embed the NFT on artists website.

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