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ourpass is a decentralized and trustless NFT event and pass generation platform


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Project Description

ourpass is a platform which brings events, passes and trading passes on the Zora ecosystem using Lit Protocol and nft storage. ourpass users interested in hosting online or offline events can create an event by minting a Zora Edition Token which allows for it's discovery using Zora APIs. Users can then generate passes by verifying their addresses against the event conditions. These passes can be presented during entry to offline events to prove adherence to the conditions specified by the event organizer and can be verified by both parties. This platform also enables trading passes by allowing a pass owner to mint and sell additional copies if allowed by the event organizer.

How it's Made

ourpass ecosystem starts by allowing a user to create events by first defining the conditions for allowing entry. These conditions are translated to lit protocol access conditions and are sent to lit protocol and IPFS. A 1 | 1 Zora edition contract is then created and minted by the event owner. This contract holds the IPFS CID of the access control conditions. The token, once indexed by the Zora API can be seen by everyone who's interested in joining events. A user eligible for attending an event can generate a pass for the event by submitting a proof to the lit network against the required access control conditions. This proof is saved on IPFS and is shown to the user in the form of a QR code pass. This user can also mint tokens for guests if permitted by the event owner which can then be sold on the Zora network.

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