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We can create our own color by zora and share it with your friends


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Project Description

This project is a tool that allows you to create fully on-chain Open Edition NFTs of colors. Anyone can easily create NFTs of their favorite colors.

However, there are some steps involved and a gaming element to obtaining your preferred color. First, you must burn the necessary color NFTs to create your desired color NFT. This means that in order to obtain your favorite color, you will need to pay a moderate fee.

If someone else mints the color you created, you receive a portion of the rewards. If you create popular colors early on, you might be able to profit.

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How it's Made

This project is designed to operate exclusively on the Zora 1155 Contracts platform. The design is advanced and up-to-date, as it also incorporates the support for the latest Zora protocol-rewards system. This integration ensures that users have the capability to effortlessly create color NFTs tailored to their preferences. Furthermore, the project harnesses the Zora Custom Renderer feature. This significant feature ensures the capability to generate and visually represent full on-chain NFTs, allowing for a richer and more immersive experience for users and collectors alike.

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