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OtherSwipe for the Otherside

Otherswipe is a fiat to Apecoin gift card store. Buy Apecoins easily without knowing the receiver's wallet address or even knowing what it is. Your purchase is wrapped into coupon code that the receiver can claim Apecoins against.

OtherSwipe for the Otherside

Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


🏊 Polygon — Build on Polygon


🌍 Uniswap Foundation — Best Ecosystem Hack


🥇 ApeCoin DAO — Best Integration


🏊 Scroll — Deploy a Smart Contract


5️⃣ Chainlink — Best Hack

Project Description

The core functionality is about onboarding web2 users with a payment option they are familiar with. Think of how Amazon gift cards are claimed, theres a coupon code and the receiver is tasked with redeeming them. It works the same way here, as long as you have access to the unique code, the tokens are yours to claim.

There is a fallback mechanism just in case the coupon isnt claimed within the given window.

How it's Made

We use Safe's OnRamp Kit to purchase USDC via credit card. These USDC stay redeemable in the vault till the claim is made. The contract checks the validity of the coupon code and swaps the USDC for Apecoin from Uniswap so the price reflects the moment the Apecoins were claimed and not when purchased. If no claim is made within a window of 60 days, a Chainlink keeper is triggered that issues a refund to the original buyer in USDC (purchase currency). The product the deployed on Polygon and Goerli.

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