A decentralized social media tangle built with a distributed filesystem.


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Project Description

A peer-to-peer swarm is constructed within the browser with libP2P, allowing direct uploads to a distributed content delivery network (via IPFS). Files are referenced by cryptographic hash-based identifiers, which are published to a blockchain (Ethereum) smart contract and pinned by a proof-of-replication cryptocurrency (Filecoin). The requirement for appending a new media post to the tangle is simple: two existing posts must be tipped.

How it's Made

This application bridges the gap between content creation, publishing, and monetization. The application is built in React using Material UI for the interface, and is deployed as a static dApp via IPFS. The peer-to-peer networking layer is provided by LibP2P. Content is distributed via IPFS multihash links which are pinned with Filecoin. This content is published using an Ethereum Smart Contract written in Solidity.

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