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Orca Protocol

A flexible and adaptable DAO implementation

Orca Protocol

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Project Description

Orca Protocol is a gas-efficient, Sybil-resistant DAO implementation using ERC1155. The protocol is equipped with a simple UI dashboard to manage DAO proposals and allow on-chain voting for on-chain assets, all secured using Gnosis Safe.

Orca is made up of pods: organizations that consist of a fixed number of member tokens each representing a single vote. Each pod is linked to a multi-sig vault to securely hold shared on-chain assets.

Pods are flexible and built modularly to accommodate infinite use cases including project governance, pooled investing, community management, and so much more.

How it's Made

This project is build using Javascript and Solidity. To set up our dev environment we used Hardhat/Waffle, and mainnet forking. We used ERC1155 to track our membership tokens, and rules are stored as Structs that get packed into transactions and executed at runtime. Each pod is connected to a Gnosis Safe instance, and transactions are relayed through the safe. In our first integrations, we built out: ERC20 token ownership, AAVE vote delegation, and AAVE proposal delegation. Each of these was encoded into rules to be executed by pods and tested against AAVE Mainnet fork. Additionally, we used Tenderly for some of the more complex debugging.

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