Uniswap powered by Chainlink price feed for more accurate prices


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Project Description

Uniswap requires liquidity providers to perform trades. Due to this, several low volume currencies or high volume trades may cause slippage in prices resulting in losses of traders, and also front running apart from other exploitations of such a system.

By using Chainlink price feeds, these trades can be fixed at a trustless price for safer trading at any volume.

Unfortunately didn't have time to complete this but planning to submit anyway soon.

How it's Made

OracleSwap allows you to trade any amount of tokens, no matter the liquidity, without having slippage.

This is done by using Chainlink price feeds, which fix the price at which users can buy and sell tokens.

Users place a market buy or sell of a specific token, and this is either filled or remains on the market until another counterparty joins to fill the order, which is priced at the price feed's price at the time of order execution.

Front end is built with React.

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