Opyn Easy

A library for trading options and option strategies on Defi magically

Opyn Easy

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Nowadays if one wants to trade in the options market and create trade strategies with such derivative it needs to deal with a bunch of integrations and protocols. This project aims to make that hurdle invisible to the developer, making options trade and trade strategies simple to any developer.

How it's Made

We are using compound for borrowing USDc/WETH and subsequently selling options. Aave to allow more capital efficiency on loans. Furthermore we have to deal with Opyn Gamma Protocol, 0x, Airswap to handle options market making. We have to interact with smart contracts on all of these protocols. For that we have been using web3 library and typescript. We also needed to deal with thegraph api, to query for market order for example, by which we have been using http and graphql queries

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