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A set of open uncensored Ethereum RPCs funded as public goods. And methods to let anyone create more


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ETHGlobal Lisbon

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🏊 zkBob — Pool Prize

Project Description

One of the key centralization attack vectors on Ethereum is the lack of diverse RPC providers.
Current providers are profit motivated, and exist in an oligopoly with 1 or 2 providers controlling 99% of the market.
We already know they record user info, IP addresses. We know they will rapidly support all despotic government policies and censor dApps like Tornado even before being asked. And they're sometimes slow when demand spikes as many users share a few proxied servers.

OpenRPC/ nft-rpc seeks to provide a set of simple, scalable, robust, uncensored RPCs. It also includes the system for rapidly creating new ones via open source shell scripts. Our RPCs are branded to an extent, to allow the source of the public goods funding to also gain some exposure for their support. This new infrastructure allows NFT projects to support public goods. Additionally it provides a fast RPC for both their users and the wider ecosystem. These dont censor, throttle, and are highly scalable.

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Supporting us helps circumvent future issues where governments may seek to blacklist treasuries and contracts created by Nouns or Yuga creators. As a single point of failure wont mean the dApp is suddenly unusable as we saw with tornado cash. We also do not track, and run a privacy preserving RPC. Users may also get faster execution and will not be having transactions directly being fed into Payment for order flow systems.

How it's Made

We used a bare metal cloud server with specs able to handle both an Ethereum EL and CL. The server is hardened using best practices encoded in the eth2-quickstart scripts We used Prysm and Erigon. The choice of erigon was made to support client diversity and for its superior scalable independent RPCDaemon.

We use Nginx as the reverse proxy and set up SSL using certbots. The routes to the RPC are hosted via Amazon route53, offering some DDOS protection and rapid DNS propagation.

The frontend was made simply using an interactive story methodology in typeform. We wanted to make the use of new RPCs more approachable.

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