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OPCraft with extended blocks. Users can add new blocks and place them in the world. We are starting with implementing redstone.


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Autonomous Worlds

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🏆 Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

Our project aims to extend OPCraft with new user-created blocks, the first being Redstone. Users can specify how blocks transition into other blocks and place them into the world. We wanted to give OPCraft more functionality so that there would be more gameplay and emergent behaviour such as those seen in Minecraft. We thought that redstone was a good first edition because players have built complex circuits with it in Minecraft.

How it's Made

This project builds ontop of the existing standard MUD ECS design pattern. Users can register new blocks which are represented as components in the backend. Each block is described using a color and a list of transition rules. When users place blocks, the block's transition rule is processed and if the rule is met (neighboring block == power source), the block would change to another block. This simple ruleset is enough to simulate redstone behavior.

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