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We built Shortcuts, a better way to DeFi. What are Shortcuts? They are human-readable addresses that anyone can send ETH to directly from their wallets and do things like bridging, minting, earning, swapping & leveraging.

Created At

ETHGlobal New York

Winner of


🏆 ENS — Best Use


🥇 Arbitrum — Best Technology


🥇 Arbitrum — Most Original


🏊‍♂️ Arbitrum — Pool Prize

Project Description

We built Shortcuts because we wanted to improve the user experience of DeFi and Crypto altogether.

By solving the user experience problem of Crypto, we not only make it simpler and safer for existing users but we also have a chance to reduce the friction of introducing Crypto to the rest of the world.

Our design constraint is that the user should only ever have to do one thing, send ETH. Everything else is done by us.

With Shortcuts anyone can send ETH directly from their wallets and do things like bridging, minting, earning, swapping & leveraging. No UI is necessary, which means no phishing sites.

For the ETHGlobal NewYork Hackathon, we came up with a new Shortcut. This Shortcut bridges ETH from mainnet to Arbitrum and enters a 10x long or short position on GMX, a perpetual exchange.

We wanted to make it a fun and exciting competition during ETHGlobal, where people can experience the simplicity of interacting with Smart Contracts by sending ETH to an ENS, human-readable address. Our prize pool started at 1ETH & includes a 10% fee of all ETH deposited through our contract, the best ROI wins.

We look forward to your feedback.

How it's Made

We used cross-chain calls via Arbitrum: Delayed Inbox. Then we used GMX's documentation to open positions such as GMXVault, GMXPositionRouter & more. We also used a chainlink price oracle to get the current price of ETH.

We used some popular libraries like OpenZepplin. We also used a no-code front end called Carrd.

The main thing is we focused mostly on back-end/smart-contract work and in the end used a no-code front-end to showcase what we've built which saved us a lot of time.

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