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Introducing OnlyFrens: A revolutionary hackathon project enabling users to form communities using NFTs under ERC-6551. Easily transfer entire communities to new owners, regardless of collections. Unleash the power of NFTs in building unique, decentralized groups.


Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

The project allow users to easily create communities in web3, it's focused more on content creators on lens, today they cannot create private communities or communities at all, what they can do is join an existing one created by Orb already, but they can't create their own with their own criteria.

How it's Made

So I've used the LensSDK to fetch the list of people from lenster so you can easily add them to your group, also thanks to WalletConnect for having such a plug and play experience connecting the user wallet on the website

EIP 6551

Code Example of the EIP

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