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One Click dApp

Generate pretty and functional front ends for your smart contract. Import them into your application as widgets.

One Click dApp

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🃏 Lit Protocol — Wild Card


🏊 Tableland — Prize Pool

Project Description

The application I'm building takes in a smart contract and an ABI as inputs and then takes you through a wizard that allows you to define which functions you want to have a front end for. Finally, it generates widgets for these functions so that you can place them inside your primary application. Basically, it allows you to create web3 applications without web3 developers.

How it's Made

We will use Lit protocol to generate user crypto ID's using google auth provider. Then, we encrypt the user submitted data using Lit Protocol's encryption functionality. We then upload the encrypted ABI file into FileCoin because it is too large to be stored in Tableland directly.

Then we take the hash of the upload, together with the rest of the encrypted data and we store it into Tableland for retrieving them ,and displaying them.

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