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One Bit Friends

Create one bit characters using an editor and store them on-chain.

One Bit Friends

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Road to Web3

Project Description

The project is going to be a pokemon-style game, made by the community. Stats will be randomized within certain parameters using chainlink VRF. I was only able to finish the editor and partial smart contract, so a working project isn't ready for judging. Images will be generated using the editor which converts the 16x16 image into a uint256 to store it on chain.

How it's Made

Using Unity, I made my own one-bit pixel art editor. Since 16x16 = 256, all of this data can be stored on chain by storing it in a uint256. The smart contract will then convert the data into an SVG that recreates the user's drawing. At the moment of minting, game stats will be created randomly using Chainlink. The Moralis SDK will be used to interact with the smart contract inside Unity.

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