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Onchain Raffle

A raffle type game using ERC721 and ERC20 enabling a unique economic mechanism.

Onchain Raffle

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ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description


A Ticket is your entry into this game. You can acquire one through minting. Each mint costs some ETH. Minting a ticket increases the price of the next ticket.

The first person to mint starts a 7 day countdown. The countdown resets after every mint. If nobody else mints until the countdown runs out, the last person who minted wins the Big Prize.

The twist

Once your ticket is no longer the last one, do not despair. The game just started. Tickets work in tandem with Tokens enabling a unique cryptoeconomic mechanism.

Ticket holders have a powerful choice to make: Either hold your ticket, betting on the long term success of the game OR burn your Ticket for a fixed amount of Tokens.


Proceeds from each ticket mint are split in the following ways:

  1. Big Prize: The last minter claims this amount.
  2. Uni LP Fund: This amount funds the Uniswap liquidity Pool for Tokens.
  3. Ticket Holders Distribution: When the game ends, the remaining ticket holders share this amount equally.
  4. Team.

How it's Made

React with wagmi and rainbowkit for frontend, solidity backend containing 4 contracts

  • vending machine, allowing users to mint & burn tickets, claim tokens and keeps the accounting
  • uniswap Funder, which periodically funds the uniswap pair
  • ticket, the NFT contract
  • token, the ERC20 contract
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