Onchain Community Manager Using ENS NFTs

ENS NFTs for semantic onchain community directories and token permissioned functionality

Onchain Community Manager Using ENS NFTs

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Project Description

ENS NFTs for semantic onchain community directories and token permissioned functionality. Each community member gets an NFT that represents their domain and membership within the community like normal .eth domains.

Can be used with multiple subdomains for different groups e.g. multisig.mydao.eth and members.mydao.eth

The UI is intended as a simple interface for admins and operations people to manage community members. This contract is intended for more backend integrations with other smart contracts and applications:

  • Dynamic white list for smart contract integrations - For example only letting community members add liquidity to a Balancer Smart Pool with a single 1 line integration and no hardcoded addresses.
  • Supercharge core community votes - Next I'll create a Snapshot strategy that gives a 2x voting bonus to addresses that are registered as members on a DAOs onchain directory.
  • Social networks - Assuming someone uses the same name/address across multiple communities you can use The Graph to construct a social graph of people that share communities. This can be used for friend recommendations, web of trust (posts/messages only show if you share enough communities together), etc. all using onchain data (very cool and very dangerous)

How it's Made

ENS as a naming system to create subdomains for each community member.

OpenZeppelin AccessControl contract to allow communities to develop organization as time goes along.

OpenZeppelin ERC721 contract for obvious reasons to mint/burn NFTs for each domain.

The Graph for querying domain ownership and community registration, role changes, etc.

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