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We are an insurance DApp|DAO based on Crypto based Assurance: Through Wallet Connect you stake in the risk pool, an Actuarial dynamic algorithm will assess your risk and a value will be placed on your Stake


Created At

HackMoney 2022

Winner of


🥉 Worldcoin — Best use


🥇 RedStone — Best Use


🏊‍♂️ Coinbase Wallet — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ IPFS/Filecoin — Pool Prize

Project Description

We are an insurance DAPP|DAO based on Crypto which allows it's insured clients to trade their lives.

Users create Life Tokens and put them on the Market

As an example, an insured can stake 2 ETH and insures themselves for 5 ETH

This is monitored by a contract which is set up by an actuary - where there is a point for him to die too early, on time or later, taking into account his age, place, and risk. The stake goes into a liquidity pool and is invested.

The user can put his NFT on the market and sell it (his identity is kept secret, but his age and country can be exposed)

The Insured has full control over their NFT, should someone offer them 2.5 ETH - they can chose to take the money and the new person owns the NFT and gets paid when the insured dies (5 ETH) - this is monitored through the country government death certifications.

We will look at Tokenomics to be applied to the DAO.

How it's Made

Once decentralized life assurance system creates a token of life representation in the digital world as an NFT. A person can generate a token and place it in a marketplace. The holder of the NFT is the beneficiary at time of the insured's death.

On our Dapp, through wallet connect,

the user can exchange

• crypto to Time tokens

• KYC process

• mint an extra-life token

• interact with the marketplace

Currently the Solidity contract has the NFT ownership and the assured amount in 1 contract. In the future there will be various contracts the keep ownership and the life insurance features including a token that is composed by two main solidity smart contracts

• Smart contract that establishes the assured sum in case of death

• Smart contract that certifies the ownership of a person’s life

A person creates an extra-life token to represent their life. There will be a minting cost and a sum assured. On the token, the privacy level can be adjusted and is managed the Oasis network on IPFS.

KYC process is integral to the whole Dapp, worldcoin is used to make sure that the person is unique and can only create one extra-life token

The structure of the extra-life token is the following.

Private layer:

• Name

• Nationality

• Gender

Public layer:

• Assured sum

• Age

• Smoker status

The user keeps the ability to protect their privacy through Oasis Network

Since trading their extra-life token is one of the main features.

The actuarial algorithm in The amount of TIME granted as an assured sum will be determined by the total TIME supply regardless of its capitalization in function of the insured population adjusted in time.

Through Covalent we can create the marketplace that displays the extra-life tokens. Each token holds variety of values.

• Assured sum

It’s the value of the contract once the assured person dies

• Token market value

As any other NFT it can be traded to transfer the property of the token

• Age

• Gender

On our marketplace based on Polygon, a person can sell their assured sum to someone that is willing to pay the price of the token to gain the property of the token and the right to receive the assured sum.

Once this person has its token, can decide whether to place this token into the marketplace or keep it privately.

Through the Redstone Oracle, the api calls to government death data, it is possible to know if a person has recently died. In this matter when the specifications of the smart contract are met. The funds are released to the holder of the Token.

Burning process: When a contract is completed, the TIME coins are changed to the desired Stable coin defined by the contract. With this same process the total supply of TIME shrinks as the capital outflows from the risk fund. Ultimately, allowing new coins to be minted and mined with TIME as the payment unit.

Our next steps is to finalize the development of the Dapp and the DAO, followed by deployed tokens and airdrops, Brand awareness, Coin listing,

Launchpad , And early 2023 Dapp Launch on main-net and Partnerships.

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