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Our goal is to offset Blockchain transaction by purchasing CO2 token credits for a greener future


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Project Description

This projects allows users to calculate their emissions generated by theirs Blockchains transactions by purchasing OFFS token (1 OFFS is the equivalent of 1 tonne of CO2 carbon credit) or by depositing their DAI in AAVE pool and Offseth smart contract will, once a month, purchase carbon credits using the pool earnings and distribute the equivalent in OFFS tokens.

Users could also add extra packs like "Validator" (to offset the emissions of their Ethereum validator node), "1 Year" (to offset the whole year of their emissions) and others.

Each tonne of carbon credits purchased in the real world will be stored as proof in IPFS and linked to one OFFS token.

Later in the future, we plan to delegate the Offseth ownership to a DAO where the OFFS holders could vote and decide in which projects should purchase the carbon credit or fund other projects fighting climate emergency. Also, my plan is to allow OFFS holders to purchase exclusive NTFs cards with it.

This project is still in beta and only deployed in Kovan test network, and by the moment no carbon credits are purchased until the deployment on the Mainnet.

How it's Made

This project uses HTML + CSS + Vue.js to build the frontend (Landing page, How it Works, App, etc.), with web3.js to interact with Blockchain, Dai.js to interact with the MakerDAO and web3-modal to interact with the user wallet. Also uses Chainlink Eth Oracle to retrieve the current Eth price.

The smart contracts (Offseth.sol & OffsToken.sol) are build with Solidity using OpenZepplin (SafeMath, IERC20, ERC20), AAVE lending pools interfices (ILendingPool.sol, ILendingAddressesProvider, aDAI) and MakerDAO (Dai.sol) to deposit the DAI from the user to the AAVE pool and earn interest.

Also I used Truffle with Ganache to deploy it to a test Blockchain, Slither to analyze the smart contracts code and the Kovan Eth Faucet & MakerDAO Kovan DAI to 'play' with the smart contracts.

The project is not finished and my intention is to keep working hard on it the next months, but as a solo-developer I'm proud of the result and all the things I've learned during this hackathon (my main goal).

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