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DAO for managing hackathons where the community plans the pre-hackathon phase.


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

The problem NovaStride solves Current hackathon events rely on centralized decision-making, people with more reach and influence lead the decision-making process which results in a lack of transparency regarding fund management which in turn might result in suboptimal event experiences and a lack of inclusivity within the community.

Our protocol aims to do the following: Participant Engagement: Engage Hackathon participants in the event preparation process by allowing them to stake cryptocurrency and vote on various aspects such as venue selection, food choices, and experiences during the hackathon like bean bags, play arena, energy drinks, etc.

Transparency and better management of sponsor funds Ensures that the sponsor has the power to decide how his product would be marketed how his funds are being used and where. The sponsor can submit a proposal saying "I will put x amount of money if and only if n number of participants register" and once the number satisfies the smart contract releases the sponsor funds to the organizer and protocol tokens to the sponsor. This in turn attracts hackers and motivates them to bring more participants.

Gamification: We Gamify the pre-hackathon preparation process by rewarding participants with tokens for their engagement and contributions. Creates an interactive and engaging experience by introducing a reputation score which the hacker can build by participating, winning hacks, and contributing to the quality of hacks by voting.

Fairness and Accountability: Ensures fairness and accountability in the event organization process by utilizing blockchain technology to record and verify all transactions and decisions. Eliminates the risk of bias or manipulation, enhancing the integrity and credibility of the event.

How it's Made

We have built the project on evm chain and all integrated all the evm compatible chains and have deployed on their respective testnets such as arbitrum, filcoin, gnosis, avail, morph . We have used ethsign protocol for user verification, a lighthouse for strong image files, and dynamic wallet for switching between networks and onboarding users. We have used nextjs, tawilindcss for the front end and solidity for deploying the contracts.

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