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A new way to learn about web3 and how a dao like nouns is changing the way people build things


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Project Description

I'm not a developer and I'm hacking alone, so I decided to make a proposal on something I care about: the adoption of web3. People know almost nothing about web3 and DAOs, and it is simple to expand the knowledge if a platform like chat gpt exists for this purpose. I think is the easiest way to bring people the information that has been looking for and a way to contribute to people's web3 adoption. People have projects everytime, everywhere and the reason they're not doing anything is mostly the money. I pretend to tell people that projects can be founded by a colective for free trhough an app. The entrepreneurs would like to stay updated with the latest opportunities to get a project founded so it must notify them every time the DAO get a new prop to colaborate.

How it's Made

This project represents an educational solution for those who wants to learn about web3 as simple as chating with someone. It is thinked to be an AI trained by the whole content data available in the web and the particular nouns papers to tell people about what Nouns represents and how they can be the next step in the process of making possible any project or movement.

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