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Noun Garden

A virtual garden to take a minute to slow down and catch your breath from the fast pace of web3

Noun Garden

Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description

Noun Garden is a safe haven built for the web3 enjoyer who may have spent a little too much time on the internet and is in need of some dire time to reset.

The website itself is extremely simple and it features the all new Noun character called Sage who is here to help you take a minute to slow down by participating in some mindfulness activities like box breathing.

How it's Made

Noun Garden was created using vanilla html, css and javascript.

I used the Nouns playground to create a custom character called Sage to become the face of the garden.

I used P5.js to generate my box breathing tree used for the mindfulness activity on the website. Which was then turned into a GIF because I was unable to implement my p5.js code in time for submission.

This was my first ever hackathon so I wanted to create something extremely simple that I could create from start to finish as a solo hacker.

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