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An infra that allows an dapp to send notifications to the user wallet addresses


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Project Description

In any ecosystem, notifications are crucial for enhancing UI/UX by providing timely and relevant information to users. Recognizing this, we have developed a realtime notification system infrastructure specifically for StarkNet, designed to seamlessly send notifications directly to users' wallets.

Initially, any dApp that wants to send notifications to its users needs to register as an emitter in the Notify system. Once registered, wallets can select their preferred emitters from which they want to receive notifications.

With this setup, any dApp can send notifications to any wallet addresses seamlessly, ensuring users receive important updates and alerts in real time.

How it's Made

Technology Stack Frontend: Developed using React.js for a dynamic and responsive user interface. Backend: Powered by Express.js to handle server-side logic and communication. Smart Contract: Written in Cairo, StarkNet's native language, ensuring efficient and secure on-chain operations. Smart Contract Our stateless contract on StarkNet handles the following functions:

Listing Emitters: Registers dApps that wish to send notifications. Listing Receivers: Manages wallet addresses that opt-in to receive notifications from specific emitters. Sending Notifications: Facilitates the seamless dispatch of notifications to registered receivers. Backend Operations Our robust backend infrastructure continuously monitors the smart contract for specific events. Upon detecting an event, the backend performs the following actions:

Event Processing: Captures and processes event data emitted by the smart contract. Validation: Ensures that the recipient wallet address has opted into notifications from the specific emitter, preventing unwanted spam. Notification Delivery: Sends the validated notification to the intended recipients in real time. User Workflow Emitter Registration: Any dApp intending to send notifications registers as an emitter in the Notify system. Receiver Preferences: Wallet users can select their preferred emitters from which they wish to receive notifications. Notification Dispatch: Once set up, dApps can send notifications to any wallet address that has opted in, ensuring seamless and real-time communication. Key Features Opt-In Mechanism: Empowers users to choose their preferred notification sources, enhancing control and reducing spam. Realtime Monitoring: Ensures immediate processing and dispatch of notifications, keeping users promptly informed. Secure and Efficient: Leveraging Cairo for smart contract operations ensures security and efficiency in handling on-chain events. Our realtime notification system for StarkNet significantly enhances user engagement and experience by delivering critical updates and alerts directly to users' wallets, all while maintaining high standards of security and efficiency.

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