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Not AI Hotdog

AI Hotdog or Not? A Farcaster Frame that inverts Silicon Valleys infamous hotdog id app but using humans to identify AI instead of AI to identify hotdogs

Not AI Hotdog

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Project Description

The idea is to play on the fake app Jian Yang made in the show Silicon Valley that purports to tell if an image is of a hotdog or not. But we invert the concept by using humans to do the work of AI instead. The user is shown a series of photos and most decide if they are real hotdogs or AI-generated dogs. The punchline is that they are actually all real photos but of Coney dogs which many humans won't recognize as hotdogs due to the extravagant chili and onion toppings. But I swear there's always a dog underneath. The game is played in a Frame that appears in a Farcaster "cast" on Warpcast or inside an XMTP chat app. Winners are able to directly mint an NFT at the end by connecting their wallet on Base (Sepolia).

How it's Made

The code uses frames.js in a NextJS app that is deployed to Vercel. The deployed frames url can be posted where Frames are supported such as Warpcast or XMTP. The project supports Open Frames and was tested in Converse. We used the debugger in frames.js. The NFT is an Open Zeppelin ERC-721 contract deployed to Base (Sepolia) and we use viem to set up the transaction to mint the NFT.

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