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Play 3D version of 2048 and compete with others using verifiable ML models


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Project Description

To all the addicts of 2048, behold a 3D version of 2048 is here!

The project builds a brand new experience to play 3D 2048 using Dojo on Starknet. The gameplay is complex and enticing. Not just that we also showcase how new way of gameplay can be created using verifiable ML models. So bring you ML chops and compete with others to dominate the leaderboard.

How it's Made

The project is build using Dojo Engine on Starknet. Local development was powered with Katana and Torii from the Dojo suite. Deployed and hosted on the cloud using Cartrige's slot. Gameplay designed using React, Three.js and Dojo Engine. AI game player using Sklearn, and verifiability using Giza Tech (although couldn't transpile the model as it is unsupported by Giza).

Slot made it extremely easy to deploy and test stuff without opening a lot of terminal window and running multiple processes. Dojo was extremely well documented but ran into a few bugs with the Torii indexer which would have been avoided for a better dev experience.

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