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Non-Fungible Bets

Betting platform that awards exclusive NFTs for selected sporting events on top of the prize money for the highest bettors.

Non-Fungible Bets

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Project Description

Our project is a platform that allows the experience of betting and NFTs to be combined, creating an awesome way of joining an exclusive community of very selected bettors that were not only lucky but audacious enough to place between the top bettors of an event. Each event will give away special NFTs that will be artistic creations of the game in question. On top of the NFT prizes for the top bettors (the number will vary from event to event) all winners will share the amount that was bet on the losing outcome, plus their bet back, minus a game fee that will cover the costs of playing, gas fees, and minting.

How it's Made

We deployed to the polygon network to lower the gas fees that would be very high in the Ethereum mainnet. the game mechanics were explained in the description, and the way of deciding the winner would be trough the use of Chainlink data feeds. We didn't have time to implement that so we created a mock that can be substituted just by using the address of the data feed when deploying. In this version the contract owner calls the function to end the game but ideally that would be done by Chainlink keepers.

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