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No Rush To Trash

Earth-friendly & carbon-negative platform for finding what you need and sharing what you don't

No Rush To Trash

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ETHGlobal London

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

In today's fast-paced world, we often find ourselves surrounded by items we no longer need or use. From gadgets that have been replaced by the latest model to clothes that no longer fit our style, our homes can quickly become cluttered with objects that, while no longer valuable to us, could be treasures to someone else. But the question remains: What do we do with these items? Throwing them away seems wasteful and harmful to the planet, yet finding someone who needs them can be a challenge. This is where our groundbreaking app comes into play.

Our platform is more than just an app; it's a movement towards a carbon-negative future, where every item finds its next rightful owner without adding to the planet's growing waste problem. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the innovative use of Carbon Credit tokens, we're not just encouraging recycling; we're revolutionizing it.

Our Mission & Goals:

  • Revolutionizing Recycling: One Click at a Time with AI: We've simplified the process of giving your items a second life. With just one click, you can take a photo of the item you wish to part with, and our AI technology will handle the rest, generating a compelling description and listing your item for you.

  • Web3 and Blockchain for Everyone: We're bringing the future to the present, making blockchain technology accessible to all. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Web3 innovations, offering a user-friendly experience that demystifies digital transactions.

  • Supporting Carbon Offsetting with Every Transaction: Each item exchange on our platform involves a small fee, paid in Carbon Credit tokens like MCO2. These fees directly contribute to carbon offsetting projects, ensuring that every transaction not only helps reduce waste but also aids in combating climate change.

How It Works:

  1. Snap and Share: Takes a photo of the item you no longer need. Our AI will then generate a description and post your item on the platform.

  2. Make an Impact: Interested parties can reserve your item by paying a small fee in Carbon Credit tokens. This fee is directly contributed to Carbon Offsetting Fund, making every transaction a step towards a greener planet.

  3. Connect and Exchange: Once reserved, you and the interested party can discuss the details of the exchange using XMTP protocol. Whether it's setting up a meet-up or arranging for delivery, our platform makes it easy to connect.

  4. Confirm and Celebrate: After the exchange, both parties confirm the transaction on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and trust. Congratulations, you've just contributed to a more sustainable world!

Join us in our mission to care for our planet. Together, we can make a difference, one item at a time. Welcome to a future where recycling is not just easy but impactful, with every transaction contributing to a carbon-negative world.

How it's Made

  • Blockchains: Our platform is deployed across three key testnets: Celo Alfajores, Arbitrum Sepolia, and Base Sepolia.

  • Branding with Nouns Art: We've embraced Nouns Art for our visual identity, leveraging its vibrant and community-driven artwork to create an engaging and distinctive brand for our app.

  • Carbon Credit Transactions: Central to our app's functionality is the integration of MCO2 tokens for transaction fees. This choice not only aligns with our environmental mission by contributing to Carbon Offsetting projects but also showcases the practical use of cryptocurrency in promoting sustainability.

  • AI-Powered Listings: For generating descriptions of items listed by users, we've utilized the gpt-4-vision-preview model. This advanced image recognition AI allows us to create accurate and compelling listings with minimal user input, streamlining the process of recycling items.

  • Conversations via XMTP: To facilitate direct communication between users, we've integrated XMTP. This choice allows for secure, decentralized messaging, enhancing user privacy and trust in our platform.

  • Decentralized Storage: For storing listing metadata, we utilize NFT.Storage and IPFS. This ensures that our app is not only scalable but also aligns with our commitment to decentralization and data permanence.

  • SvelteKit for Web Development: The web application is built using SvelteKit, chosen for its efficiency and simplicity. SvelteKit enables us to deliver a fast, reactive user experience that makes the process of listing and finding items seamless.

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