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No Pool No Game

No Pool No game is the only GameFi where you can earn money without taking the risk of losing any

No Pool No Game

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


📈 AAVE Grants DAO — 🥇 Stablecoin Growth


🕹 Optimism — Best Optimism Game


🔟 Optimism — Top 10

Project Description

This project is inspired by Pool Together, a lottery without loser. The concept behind Pool Together is for participants to lock a deposit into a pool that will generate interests. Those interests are distributed to the winners of the lottery. The idea of "No Pool No Game" is to bring an evolution where the winners are not only designated randomly but based on their skills. An easy way to replace the chance factor by the skill factor is to use games. The highest scores will get the rewards coming from the pool generated interests. This first case is a proof a concept for using it in others domains (like crowfunding, charities, ...)

How it's Made

We have used :

  • React JS
  • Material UI for UI
  • Aave as deposit vault
  • Deployed on Goerli and Mumbai test nets
  • Deployed on Optimism Mainnet
  • There are 3 key contracts :

Deposit / Withdraw Game Management and Data NPaUSDC token (with associated minting and burning rules)

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