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No Name Game

This is a POC game built with cairo and hopefully integrated with Dojo

No Name Game

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Project Description

This is an item-collecting game where players are placed on a map and need to collect as many items that represent (may) an NFT/Token, Players have to collect items that match their current which changes every N seconds. Each time a player collects an item that doesn't match their color their size decreases, to which they die if their size reaches a certain size. There's also a timer and each time a user collects items their time may be increased but if they run out of time they die and can then redeem their collected game items.

How it's Made

I developed this project using JavaScript with Vue.js for the front end and Cairo for the smart contracts. Vue.js made creating a dynamic and user-friendly interface easy, while Cairo ensured the smart contracts on StarkNet were secure and efficient. I plan to deploy it on GitHub Pages so everyone can try it out easily. I can gather feedback and build a community around the project.

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