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A no code platform to remove the hassle of write code each time you want to cast a frame. We provide you with various options to create your frames, add buttons, take input, and customise your POST if you have your own backend.


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Project Description

We have a frontend client where user can come and provide the information and select what all functionalities do they want in their frames. Currently we support images/videos, buttons ( post, post_redirect, link), inputs in a frame. If user has their own backend to serve some frames back then they can edit the URL as well.

We also store all the user frames so that they can visit them whenever they want and provide them with a URL to share on Warpcaster and showcase their frames.

We use Pinata to store all the images and Livepeer to store the videos uploaded by user. Frames.js is our go to solution for handling all the frame related work.

How it's Made

We used Next for frontend and Expressjs for backend base solutions. We used Pinata to take care of our image storage and scale the usability. In order to get the video frames running, we took the help of livepeer and used their LDK to develop the frames. For frame rendering, generation etc, we used Frames.js to execute it with perfect ease.

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