Share your favorite Zora NFTs distraction-free with some personal flair with custom backgrounds and text.


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Project Description

NiftyShare allows people to add their own personal touch to their favorite NFTs when sharing them. Users can customize the background that frames their NFT to create a certain mood, while highlighting the NFT itself front and center -- no prices or any other distractions.

Users first copy-paste the link to their favorite Zora NFT to load the customization page. There, users can change the background color framing the image/video, as well as the color of the piece's name to make it pop against the background. In the future, it will support NFTs from other providers.

How it's Made

NiftyShare was bootstrapped using It's a React web app using Hooks, which connects to Zora's SubGraph to pull metadata about the NFT that the user entered. For the components and design, it's using Bootstrap paired with react-bootstrap and react-color-hook for theme and color picking.

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