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Unlock the power of loyalty with NiftyPerks - where earning rewards is as fun as spending them!


Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


🔟 Push Protocol — Top 10


👯 Polybase — Pool Prize

Project Description

NiftyPerks is a loyalty program that aims to engage customers year-round, increase their lifetime value, and turn them into loyal customers and advocates through a points-based system. The program rewards customers with points for their purchases and engagement with the brand, which can be redeemed for various benefits and rewards as they move up through different tiers of the program. These benefits may include discounts on future purchases, exclusive access to sales and promotions, free shipping, and more.

The goal of NiftyPerks is to foster a long-term relationship between customers and the brand, encouraging them to remain engaged and active with the business throughout the year, rather than just during specific seasons or promotional periods. By offering incremental benefits and rewards, NiftyPerks incentivizes customers to continue patronizing the brand and sharing their positive experiences with others, ultimately cultivating a loyal customer base and brand advocates.

How it's Made

NiftyPerks is a loyalty program designed to increase customer engagement, lifetime value, and loyalty through a points-based system. The program uses Push protocol and Support Chat service for notifications and customer support, respectively. The dynamic NFT is facilitated by Polybase, allowing for seamless updates to rewards and benefits.

The program's frontend is built using Vite JS, which provides fast and efficient development, while the tailwind framework offers a clean and modern UI design.

Additionally, the application has also been deployed to Vercel. Link:

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