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Web3 based Discord with Blockchain level authentication feature.


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Road to Web3

Project Description

NiftyChat is a discord alternative that's lets web3 users simply connect their wallet and start chatting with fellow members holding the same nfts as them. Once the user connects their wallet we use moralis to check if the respective servers have already been created or not. If not then we create the servers and by default a general channel. If the servers are created we simply give them the access.

How it's Made

Niftychat uses Moralis Object, Moralis Query and Moralis LiveQuery. Niftychat uses Moralis Object to create Server, Channel and Message tables. NiftyChat uses Moralis Web3API to get information on which nfts are holded by the particular wallet address and then assign them to respective servers. Niftychat uses Moralis LiveQuery to subscribe to new message object being created in the database and reflect them in the channel's message feed.

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