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Nicolás Guasca

I want to build a decentralized platform to have meeting calls with the possibility to stream them in a decentralized way an enabling eth transactions within them as they will be able to mint NFT's in the process of the call.

Nicolás Guasca

Created At

ETHOnline 2021

Project Description

This project combines the already existing world of digital wallets with the biggest pain point applications have nowadays in terms or security which is identity management. Although there is a secure way to proof someone's identity based on the cryptographic ways, there is a big chance passwords get stolen. For that reason I would like to start working on a model to use Moralis approach to Dapps.

How it's Made

This project integrates Moralis' login interface and hooks in addition to a layer in which the user is able to enable a meeting call video+ audio. It is basically a react-app that works as a webrtc client. The project is aimed to create a channel for individuals to have decentralized calls.

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