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NFT X Fashion is a platform that bridges the metaverse and physical world.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

This platform serves a marketplace that allows NFT holders to connect with digital designers to create fashion merchandise, available both in the metaverse and real life. The NFT holders want to tell people that he/she owns the NFT by including NFTs on fashions (virtual fashion or physical fashion). For example, sneakers. If it is virtual fashion, designers can add the NFT to a computer-generated sneaker design and the final sneaker design can be used in metaverse. If it is physical fashion, designers can finish the design and manufacture the sneaker to be worn in real life. The marketplace is similar to Fiverr where both NFT holders can send posts about their needs and designer can send posts about their skills. The marketplace will profit by charging the commission fee.

How it's Made

The team used React.js for the front end primarily to design the UI. We also used React.js to interact with our backend and smart contract. The backend service we used is Moralis. We not only used their APIs for authentication but we also store info about the blockchain and user data. Since the project was built upon the NFT marketplace template provided by Moralis, we decided to use their smart contract. Because of the time constraints, this is our current progress so far. In the future, we hope to continue working on this idea by improving the smart contract and implementing the transaction feature.

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