NFT Trickle payments using SuperFluid, built by AngelDAO


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Project Description

This project aims to be a constant flow NFT shares auction platform using ERC1155 divisible NFT ownership and SuperFluid payments. This could be used by any NFT marketplace to support Dollar Cost Averaging and financing of NFTs. The project consists of an ERC1155 contract, a shop factory contract, and a shop contract. NFT sellers create a shop contract through the shop factory for each NFT they want to auction, and that NFTis sent to the shop contract. Buyers create payment flows into the shop contract, and after a certain block number anyone can stop the auction and the shares of the NFT will be sent proportionately based on amounts received from the streams of buyers.

This project was built by AngelDAO as an open source contribution to the NFT ecosystem.

How it's Made

Technologies used: Openzepplin ERC1155 framework, SuperFluid Payments platform, truffle + solidity, html/js + web3. the NFT contract and our custom contracts are the backend, and the payment flows are created on the front end using the superfluid JS sdk. We had to hack the claim function after the block number because it is not possible to end the streams at a particular time automatically. I was impressed we were able to come up with something feasible in the short time given the complexity of flow payments.

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