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NFT Renter is a decentralized platform for renting NFTs securely & transparently. Uses smart contract to support any NFT from any contract. NFT owners can monetize assets & renters can temporarily access valuable NFTs in a trustless, automated manner.


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

The NFT Renter project is a decentralized platform for renting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The platform leverages smart contract technology to provide a secure and transparent way for NFT owners and renters to engage in peer-to-peer NFT rental transactions. With the NFT Renter project, NFT owners can monetize their assets and renters can gain temporary access to unique and valuable NFTs.

How it's Made

The NFT Renter platform is built using the Filecoin blockchain and smart contract technology. The platform uses a smart contract that implements the IERC721 interface from OpenZeppelin to support any NFT from any other contract. This allows the platform to be flexible and versatile, able to handle NFT rental transactions for a wide range of NFTs.

The smart contract defines a structure to store rental information for each NFT, such as the renter's address, the rental start time, and the NFT's unique identifier (token ID). The smart contract also implements functions to handle key aspects of the NFT rental process, such as renting an NFT, returning an NFT, and extending the rental period.

The smart contract is deployed on the Filecoin network, making the NFT Renter platform a decentralized solution that operates on a public blockchain. This provides the benefits of increased security, transparency, and immutability, as all transactions and data are recorded on the blockchain.

In summary, the NFT Renter platform is a decentralized solution built using smart contract technology on the Filecoin blockchain, making use of the IERC721 interface from OpenZeppelin to support any NFT from any other contract.

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