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πŸ’ΈπŸŒ² πŸ“ˆ Deposit funds & watch them grow in an NFTree. Cut it down to release your funds and create a piece of art based on its growth.


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Project Description

🌲🌲🌲 Turns out money DOES grow on trees πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

This project allows users to save and invest crypto in a fun new way and create NFT art at the same time.

  • Plant an NFTree - mint a new NFT that holds your funds and invests them in DeFI assets
  • Water your NFTrees - deposit more funds into an NFTree to save and earn even more interest
  • View your NFTree forest - view your wallet as a beautiful forest of growing trees, showcasing your NFTree investments as well as any other NFTs you own
  • Chop down an NFTree - chop down the tree to retrieve your funds and reveal the final form of the NFT

While your trees are growing, they can be viewed in our wallet renderer which shows all of your NFTrees along with other NFT art that you hold. Once you cut down your NFTree, a new piece of generative art is created that looks like the rings of the tree, along with an animation of how it grew.

Both the living and chopped renderings of your tree are based on the properties of your investment. You can think of the type of asset like the "species" of tree and the growth being controlled by both market fluctuations and any extra investments you topped it up with along the way.

Users can of course buy/sell/trade their NFTrees before or after they have been cut down, with pricing based on both the actual value invested as well as the speculative value of the unique art it will (or already did) turn into.

How it's Made

Our contract uses charged particles ( to handle depositing funds into interest bearing assets (, as well as the ability to add more funds (charge) to your NFTs over time.

While rendering the trees (both alive and chopped) we pull daily pricing data using the Covalent API (

We also use Covalent to pull other info about NFTs in a wallet to be able to display them in the forest.

While we ended up wanting to control the full contract, the generative art renderer was built initially as an

EthBlockArt ( StyleRender template. We would have used their contracts as well, but for this project we wanted to set it up so you can only get the ring NFT if you actually lock up your assets first. I plan on releasing some more developed tree-related art styles on EthBlockArt - as well as release some small improvements to their p5.js based template.

The generative art was made with P5 (

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