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A web2.0 interface for all games to enable web3.0 token integrations the right way


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Project Description

NFTransit is a SaaS or self-hosted service that aims to provide the complete web3 suite (tx relay service, ipfs nodes and indexers) to game devs working on pure web2.0 technology. NFTransit exposes an integrated web2.0 interface for devs to integrate web3 aspects into their games. With NFTransit integration, gamers can mint their game assets as NFTs or FTs on evm based chains and get true ownership and trading capabilities on-chain. NFTransit not only allows minting game assets but also enables users to bring back these assets into the game as playable items, preserving their utility and value. The main goal here is to enable existing and new web2.0 games to integrate web3 tokens with bare minimum changes and zero web3 interactions while preserving complete decentralization.

How it's Made

The NFTransit system depends on a few services - 1. custom backend service (rest API server and meta-tx relayer) 2. IPFS for token metadata storage. In the complete form, NFTransit will also use The Graph protocol to serve indexers, but currently, it only uses the custom backend and IPFS. An ERC-1155 contract with modified meta-tx capabilities using EIP-712 is used for all the token contracts enabling any relay service not just NFTransit relayers to pick up signed mint operations from the game server thus making the system independent of NFTransit. Game devs will have to register with our service for API keys which will also deploy a modified ERC-1155 contract specifically for them setting their address as the admin, once the contract is deployed devs need to integrate our rest APIs in their backend and make mint meta-txs using those. Once the mint call is done the asset will be minted on-chain and on confirmation of the same, the game server will have to remove the asset from the user's profile. The minted token can be traded or transferred to other users but when required any user owning the token can burn it and provide the burn tx hash and a unique burn signature created by the owner account for that particular burn to the game server and redeem the asset back into the game allowing them to use it inside the game. The game server needs to verify the burn tx and the signature provided, this can either be done using our exposed APIs or by directly querying the chain. The game server has to persist the burn tx hash that was just redeemed for a specified amount of time(depends on the game) to prevent the user from redeeming it again, this minimum retention time is equivalent to the amount of time(in block count) that a particular burn is considered valid by the game, beyond this maximum time any burn will be considered outdated or invalid.

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