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The project that I hacked on is a ticketing API for Nfts. It uses Moralis to get user addresses and verify token ids. The platform itself lets users sign-up, create a portal (ticketing portal) where they can see what tickets are being used, if they are successful and so on.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

This project proposes a nft authorization system for apps/games whatever as a provider. There are some errors right now but the basic idea works. Just wanted to at least submit a proof of concept. NFTs are growing in popularity and one of the perks to owning an nft is getting access to something. Having the ability to login or view private content based off of a NFT ownership, then that would add alot of utility to the space.

How it's Made

This app was made using Moralis getNFT api and Polygon chain. Polygon makes it easy to transfer assets for cheap. But it wouldnt be too hard to enable other chains for authorization on this app. The whole point is to let the creators of some app/service decide how they want their users to access content.

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