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A tool for developers and new members of the web3 ecosystem to interact with NFTs and smart contracts!


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Project Description

NFTool 🚀

Introducing NFTool, your one-stop web app for all your NFT needs. It includes a chatbot ready to answer all your NFT-related queries, an NFT minting tool, smart contract auditor, NFT search, and built-in NFT deployment.

Tool Specifics 🛠️

Chat 💬

A ChatGPT style chatbot that is able to handle all cross-chain functions and questions. Use our chat feature as your AI-powered guide throughout the world of blockchain.

Mint NFT 🌃

Have an idea for an NFT collection but don't know how to mint it? Don't worry, as our Mint NFT feature has got you covered. Follow the tool's simple instructions to mint your very own NFT collection on 13 different mainnet and testnet chains.

Smart Contract Analysis 🔎

Bugs in your smart contracts can be easily exploited by bad actors. Use our Smart Contract Analysis tool to ensure your smart contracts are tested thoroughly and ready for deployment.

NFT Search 🖼️

Interested in the world of NFTs? Use our NFT Search tool to explore collections from all across the chains, using Covalent, Zora, and the Graph.

Purchasing Tokens 💰

Want to speed up bridging and buying gas fee ETH? Our purchase token page makes it easy to convert your fiat currency to a cryptocurrency of your choice, to help deploy smart contracts!

How it's Made

Technologies Used 🧑🏻‍💻

  • Frontend: Next.js, React.js, Tailwind CSS, Redux
  • Backend: Worldcoin Auth, Next Auth, Zora ZDK, OpenAI API, Mode, Optimism, Base, Sepolia, GraphQL, The Graph, Covalent, Safe, GraphQL


We used the T3 stack with Next and Tailwind as well as Streamlit, and with Fastify & Flask for backend APIs.

We used Covalent, the Graph, and Zora to search NFTs. We used the OP SDK stack and Remix & Thirdweb to deploy smart contracts onto Mode, Optimism, Base, and Zora. We used Worldcoin & Next auth to authenticate users to use our app, and Open AI GPT fine tuning and stable diffusion LoRa for a chatbot interface. We used NFT minting with Verbwire and Solidity (through smart contracts deployed on-chain) across over 16 total chains, and used safe for converting fiat currency for purchasing cyrpto for gas price estimation uses.

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