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Doodle/scribble together, have fun and sell your collaborative doodle/scribble as NFT


Created At

ETHOnline 2021

Winner of


NFTPort Prize Pool


Pocket Network Pool Prize

Project Description

NFToodle is a collaborative NFT art tool for everyday users who are not expert artists! In other words, its the art station for citizen artists/general public who enjoy doodling, scribbling, socializing and having fun. Users can doodle, scribble together and mint the doodles and scribbles as NFTs. Users can sell these NFTs in the market. It's a fun way to socially engage with each other and publish casual fun art as NFT. Our roadmap includes NFT fractionalization so that all of the collaborators can receive the proceeds from NFT sale. One of the roadmap items is to provide NFT liquidty by integration to DEXes. We also plan to provide easier to use art colaboration tools to users. We plan to introduce platform token which will allow users to stake the tokens to farm NFTs.

How it's Made

Our NFT minting is built using NFTPort tecnology for NFT minting and relevant ecosystem tools. We have used UI frameworks such as ReactJs and backend technologies scuh as Node.js to allow multiple users to doodle and scribble on our app simulatenously. Users are able to start a new doodle or join existing doodle. Once the doodling finishes, they can mint NFT and sell in the marketplace. Users use Metamask wallet to login to our dapp and Polygon chain is used to publish NFTs.

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