NFTIZ is a Figma plugin that allows designers to mine their work directly from Figma. They will be able to protect their work, share it or even exchange it on marketplaces.


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Project Description

NFTIZ is a Figma plugin that allows to mint NFTs directly from the Figma application. You just have to launch the plugin, fill in a name, a description, and an address then launch the plugin to mine an NFT directly on your wallet. I got the idea of this project because I was a user of the software and I want to publish my product to allow designers who use this tool to be able to save their work on-chain.

How it's Made

I'm using an application scaffold provided by Figma to which I added Webpack + React to create my user interface.

Thanks to the Figma API I can retrieve a frame to make a Blob file that I will send to the NFT.Storage API to upload the image to IPFS.

Once the image is uploaded on IPFS, I get the URL to make a request to the NFTPort API with which I will mine the NFT on the Rinkeby network (I will then switch to the Polygon network for the final version).

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