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NFT Ticket and then the user get's airdropped an NFT Lock with a highlight from the game


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ETHNewYork 2022

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🥉 Unlock — Best Use

Project Description

The front end of this project allows a user to log in to their metamask wallet as well as be able to view NFTs given to them hidden behind an Unlock Paywall, these NFTs will. There are three smart contracts, one for each section in the stadium. Users have the ability to mint a ticket and pay a stable USD rate in ETH pulled via a chainlink price feed. Scripts are then run to deploy the contracts, create (mint) a ticket, create the metadata, and then a final one to set the token URI. The metadata includes the section, seat, row, link to the image on IPFS and other important information for the game this json is also uploaded to IPFS. After the game the user is airdropped an unlock NFT from the event organizers.

How it's Made

The frontend of this project uses a React.js framework with Alchemy tooling and an Unlock paywall to hide their NFT tickets. The front end is able to fetch a gif of the NFT from IPFS and display it. The smart contracts all pull from chainlink price feeds. This benefits the users greatly because not everyone can deal with the volatility of Ether like we can. Now a user going to a sporting event knows they're going to pay a stable rate of ETH in relation to USD. The metadata is stored on IPFS. IPFS makes it really easy to download the IPFS set and upload the data via IPFS daemon. We deployed to Polygon which is great for large volume of tickets greeted and cheap gas fees should users want to sell their highlights. Unlock was a big part of our project, in addition to the pay wall we used unlock to airdrop an unlock NFT from the event organizers.

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