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SuperRare Wordpress Plugin


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Project Description

This tool will make sharing NFT’s from SuperRare easier to bloggers and news companies using WordPress, and at the same time will serve as a growth hacking tool for building backlinks for SuperRare.

The Wordpress users will be able to add into any page or post all the artworks made by a SuperRare creator by using the shortcode [nftconnect username="user"] or add a specific artwork by using the shortcode [nftconnect username="user" url=""]

In terms of marketing, this is also a great opportunity for SuperRare to growth hack their backlink building.

How it's Made

This project uses the SuperRare API v2 methods. The plugin requests the username via shortcode and uses it for extracting the ethAddress via API, then it uses the get-by-market-details method for getting all the artworks from a creator, or a specific artwork, depending of the parameters the wordpress user passed through the shortcode.

More information about this is available in the live demo page.

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