NFTape: recording toy for musicians. Record your freestyle as NFT in the browser and share it for a SuperFluid stream.


Created At

HackMoney 2022

Project Description

Name: NFTape

Description: NFTape: partial common ownership recording toy for musicians

Idea: We use "classic tape" as inspiration to create tape instances as NFTs to model collaboration processes between musicians. Artists compete for a resource to record, overdub and stream media.

The Dapp models interactions between musicians resembling their creative process and helps them to stream money to each other as a reward mechanism and to signal confidence in the collaboration process.

The resulting track can be minted as an NFT.

Streaming project tokens directly into a liquidity pool allows musicians to earn and fund the collaboration right from the start and to monetize their work together.

How it's Made

Uses the Superfluid SDK. Based on 🌊 Tradeable Cashflow example. Constant Flow Areement.The resulting track can be minted as an NFT. We deploey on Görli testnet. Frontend run on netlify. Roadmap:

Claim you NFTape

Playable Tapedeck

Recording you Tape

Mastering a final piece


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