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NFT to Apple Wallet

NFT to Apple Wallet is a tool that let's owners of NFTs on Polygon to add the NFTs as coupons to Apple Wallet

NFT to Apple Wallet

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Road to Web3

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Project Description

We are allowing NFT creators to build offline presence by enabling their NFTs to be visible in Apple/Google Wallets. Apple/Google Wallets instantly enrich NFTs with geofencing, NFC/QRCode connectivity, and push notifications. The target audience for our tools include brands that are trying to build online/offline communities using NFTs like NIKE, Adidas, Budweiser, and NFT collection brands that are trying to add utility for their community members like BAYC.

How it's Made

We have 3 components in our solution:

  1. Frontend component for the end users built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS and Moralis API / SDK

for Polygon Blockchain. We've built a responsive user interface so our system works with mobile and desktop Metamask.

  1. We have a backend service that uses Apple Passkit API, QRCode API, and ImageMagick SDK to generate Apple Walle Pass.

  2. Pass validation service with a responsive UI to quickly check if the pass is valid (i.e. while checking tickets at the gate). For validation, we are using a signed public wallet address.

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