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NFT Starter

A tool for project owners to start their NFT sales in minutes, without concern about development.

NFT Starter

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

This work is inspired by the DappStater developed by Decentology. The goal of this app is to help people who don't have knowledge about development can start their NFT projects in minutes. We observed that starting an NFT project requires a front-end engineer, a smart contract engineer. However, the mechanism of the project is the same. Thus we develop a tool that creates an ERC-721 contract that supports common features, such as whitelist, to help projects cut the cost.

How it's Made

We used IPFS, OpenSea Standard, and Polygon in this project. First, we think that OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace for now, and it supports Polygon Mainnet and Testnet, which can help items of NFT projects to be traded in the secondary market more easily than other networks. Our contract and metadata followed the standard designed by OpenSea for better suitability. The files are uploaded to IPFS via including the mint page. After the mint page is uploaded, the app will create a DNSLink record under our domain name to prevent server failures.

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