NFT Repurposing

Combine a users “Junk Drawer” of NFT’s into literal “Collectable” and find a way to add some game dynamics.

NFT Repurposing

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Road to Web3

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Project Description

With the advent of web3 technologies, NFTs and the promise of the Metaverse we find ourselves at a generational crossroad where -not unlike the promise of the early internet- those that speculate correctly may change their lives forever, whereas others will lose unrealized fortunes.

We see this as an opportunity for the losers to take their lost dreams of NFT riches, and remold them into something more interesting and more meaningful ... together.

How it's Made

Our stack was mostly covered by leaning on Moralis' React.js boilerplate and connecting it to Polygon's mumbai testnet.


The ERC-3664 wrapper for the Charged Particles Proton contract was tested via deploying and forking to the Mumbai testnet on HardHat. The original Proton contract is made up of a composite of custom contracts and OpenZeppelin ERC boilerplate.

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