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NFT Looker

NFT Looker is a simple way to view NFTs for wallets on Polygon.

NFT Looker

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Project Description

NFT Looker is a simple application to view a wallet's NFTs on the Polygon mainnet network. You can put in an address, and then click through to the NFT or collection individually for more information. You can also connect your wallet with MetaMask for its address to be used for a lookup.

Images and videos are supported.

Further updates could include: -multichain - view NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, etc. -compatibility with domain services like ENS or Unstoppable Domains -more analytics e.g. date NFT was transferred to a wallet, how much it was purchased for, current NFT price based on marketplace data

How it's Made

This project uses:

-Covalent API for all of the chain data - mainly their NFT endpoints

-React, TailwindCSS and Material UI/MUI for the frontend

-Ethers.js for wallet connectivity and reading the wallet's address for an NFT list lookup

I did use Moralis for their wallet connection feature initially when I wanted to setup a basic NFT minting feature - however I misunderstood what Moralis provided as I thought they were like thirdweb.

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