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Exlore the NFTs owned by an address in 3D

NFT Gallery

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Project Description

NFT Gallery offers a beautiful 3D immersive experience to visualize NFTs owned by an Ethereum address directly from a browser.

All you need to do is paste an Ethereum address to visualize some NFTs owned by this account.

The scene is rendered programmatically so the room size adapts to the number of NFTs to display.

If you like what you see you can share directly on Twitter from NFT Gallery!

We are looking to add:

  • Curation: Allowing users to create galleries with a specific set of NFTs they'd chose
  • Redirect: Clicking on an NFT should open a new tab which allows you to bid on it and see more details
  • Mobile support
  • Integration of 3D NFT (3D models) directly
  • VR support!

PS: If you are a 3D designer please reach out ;)

How it's Made

We are making heavy use of React, React Router, axios and using Three.js & React Three Fiber for 3D display.

NFT data comes from the following APIs:

  • Rarible

  • Zora via The Graph

  • SuperRare

It's hosted on IPFS via Fleek. You can check out NFT Gallery live on production at

We are looking to add support for more protocols soon!

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